Rates 2009


Guiding Services
    Guide to provide navigation and Fishing Expertise
    $100.00  per day

   $3.00 per cooler
   $2.00 per bag

   $3.50 per dozen

    $3.00 per dozen

    $2.50 per dozen

Boat & Motor Rental
    $100 per day
    14ft Lund, 20hp Merc with 1-5 gallon gas can
    Ontario Boat Operators Certificate Required

Shore Lunch Box
    Includes canned potatoes and canned beans, cooking oil,
    Frying pans, breading—every thing you need for shore lunch except fish;

Fishing Charters
    Down rigging for Lake Trout aboard the “Noshis”— 45 ft steel fishing tug
    $100.00 per person --- 4 person minimum

Guided Bear Hunt
    Includes accommodation in housekeeping, cabin, active baited stands, bear processing
    Including storage, skinning and meat cutting
    Boat and motor for fishing included
    $1000 per person

Bear Processing

    Skinning, skull and feet left intact     $100.00
    Caping of skull                                 $25.00
    Storage                                          $20.00  per day
    Meat Processing to be negotiated at time of Skinning

Moose Processing
    Skinning                                          $50.00
    Cutting and wrapping                        $200.00
    Capeing for Taxidermist extra             $100.00
    Storage                                           $20.00  per day 

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