Most laws and regulations encountered in Ontario are similar to those you may have in your own State. The following is a summary of the most common:

  • Radar Detecting Units are illegal in Ontario.

  • Handguns and Sawed-off shotguns are illegal in Ontario. Shotguns must be plugged so that they will not hold more than three slugs.

  • Firearms must be encased and unloaded one half hour before sunrise and one half hour after sunset.

  • Firearms must be unloaded while in or on any vehicle.

  • Helmets are required by drivers and their passengers on ATVs.

  • Insurance and ownership is required for ATV operators.

  • Hunters must have a valid non-resident hunting license or a previous Ontario Hunting license in order to purchase their new non-resident bear license.

  • Under the Criminal Code of Canada you cannot possess any magazine that holds more than 5 rounds for a semiautomatic center-fire rifle.

  • You must register your firearm (not bow) at the border. The cost is $50 Canadian

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