Travel Tips


Check out the weather conditions for your travel destination and be prepared for variety of conditions. Northern areas can still be chilly in summer - be prepared for all the elements. Take along warm jacket, fleece or wool sweater, waterproof rain gear, windbreaker (big enough to go over a sweater) and warm socks.

Pack light but smart. Take only what you will need. Plan to layer your clothes (cottons and jeans not recommended for cool or cold-weather destinations.)

Bring a wide-brimmed hat to protect from sun and rain.

Take along a supply of ziploc plastic bags. Excellent for storing items that need to stay dry, isolating wet and/or dirty clothes, storing socks, keeping new found treasures (like fossil rocks or river rocks)… and much more…

Bring a day-pack to carry things you’ll need during the day - water bottle, camera, extra clothing, rain gear, snacks, etc.

Bring comfortable shoes or good runners....but break them in before you start your trip. If hiking is in your travel plans, take along lightweight hiking boots.

Been to the dentist lately? If not, you might want to visit one before the trip. Just imagine the pain if you get a toothache or a loose filling while fishing on a remote outpost or on a tour.

Bring a camera to take those once-in-a-lifetime pictures. To protect your camera from water or sand damage, pack along a waterproof bag or container.

Pack an extra set of batteries for your camera. Bring lots of film or extra memory cards (for digital cameras). Consider taking along a tripod (especially for night photography) and a telephoto lens for close-up wildlife shots.

When you are hiking uphill, shorten your step and slow down your stride. Put your heel down first, rolling forward to the toe.

Take along skin moisturizer - hot sun and dry air can dry out your skin quickly.

Leave at home your aftershave, cologne or perfume. Animals can detect scents miles away.

Wear neutral or natural coloured clothing to blend in with the scenery.

If you are travelling during bug season, take along DEEP-based bug repellent and a bug jacket (they are lightweight and pack easily).

Bring along sunglasses, and extra pair of glasses and/or spare contact lenses.

Pack high-SPF, non-PABA-based sun screen and a good lip balm.

Pack high-SPF, non-PABA-based sun screen and a good lip balm.

Bring a plastic water bottle for day hikes.

Take along a day packsack for hiking and day trips - great for taking along rain gear, cameras, etc.

Bring binoculars for wildlife viewing.

Pack a couple of good reading books and some writing materials (especially handy if there are weather delays in flying out).

Check to see what kind of health insurance you have in Canada. Your regular policy may cover hospital stays and doctors’ visits, but does it cover ambulance or medical emergency evacuation flights?

Bring identification documents. Visitors to Canada will require proof of citizenship and residency (birth certificate, passports and citizenship cards). Make photocopies of important documents.

The gun control laws in Canada are strict. Firearms for hunting must be declared at the border; handguns are prohibited.

Read pre-departure material carefully so you know what we provide and what you need to bring.

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